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Home » News » Blairgowrie Printers Appeal

Blairgowrie Printers Appeal

28th Nov 2012

Hidden away at the top of Blairgowrie's Reform Street is a piece of printing history.  Built and equipped in the nineteenth century the Blairgowrie Printers churned out letterheads, labels, invitations and pamphlets and, until 1978, our Blairgowrie Advertiser.  In 1980 the business was bought by Catherine and Hamilton Scott. Hammie, who worked there man and boy, now in his eighties, has closed the business and is seeking a buyer.  All the machinery is in working order and is listed by Scottish National Heritage.

Hammie recently approached The Ericht Trust Board for help.  The Board at first considered it as a museum but it is not well located for this, the premises are cramped and above all else it would need a considerable annual subsidy.  In considering this the Board visited the National Trust’s Robert Smail's Printing Museum in Innerleithen and received advice from the management there.

The next idea was to move the printing presses from Reform Street to The Hill Primary site where they could be readily housed in the top building’s west wing.  This has become an important component of our Hill Primary regeneration plan, and feasibility and removal costs have been established.  To be viable the re-housed presses would be linked to a commercial printing and stationery outlet and would be designed for visitors, trade users and students.  As The Ericht Trust has yet to acquire The Hill Primary site, and to raise very considerable funds, the timing of this is uncertain.

In the meantime we have living history, which is crying out to be recorded for posterity. This, the Board believe, can and should be achieved by commissioning a film of the Printers, its people, how it worked and what it did.  The film will be archived and made available for local showing and for sale to interested parties. Hammie and his team are ready, willing and eager to participate in the filming and the Board has received an estimate of around £7,000 from professional film-makers to complete the film.  

The Trust's own financial resources are limited but it is able to put forward the first £1,000, which has today been placed in a Blairgowrie Printers Appeal bank account with RBS, Blairgowrie.  To make the filming happen, the Trustees are asking you to make a contribution to the Blairgowrie Printers Appeal by sending a cheque to The Ericht Trust, filling in the gift aid form in the enclosed leaflet, with your details and gift aid declaration, if appropriate. 

Further details and pictures of the Blairgowrie Printers can be found here.

Please give generously so that we can start filming as soon as possible.  

Yours sincerely

Ian Gordon